Karenna Maraj Jewelry Designer Boston, MA

Karenna Maraj is a skilled jeweler, a craftsman in every sense of the word. Karenna is jewelry desinger who helps create the beautiful jewelry collections and has spent the last fewl years making unique custom pieces for many high-end clients.

Karenna will ensure the jewelry she creates for you or your partner is carefully crafted to his/her exacting standards. Karenna also has her own custom jewelry Boston brand, specializing in brass metalsmithing jewelry contemporary style. Your wedding day will be a memorable day and for many years to come it will be memorized by the rings you both wear. A jewelry specialist in custom jewelry design, Karenna Maraj can help you design a very unique ring or pair of rings for you and your loved one.

Custom Jewelry Pieces Include :
Bridal Sets
Precious Stones
Wedding Rings
Wedding Bands Engagement Rings

Summary of Services:
  • Full design and remodeling service including hand makes and unique modern designs
  • I can help you design and make your dream ring. Our multi award winning jewelers make sure your piece is made to the highest standards
  • I offer complimentary jewelry cleaning, personal shopping for gifts and custom jewelry design
  • Hand engraving is a technique of my job that is slowly vanishing, I feel proud to continue this unusual art. I enjoy hand engraving and using my tools to sculpture expression into jewelry giving it a unique antique look.

  • Diamonds and Colored Gemstones Engagement Rings
    Wedding rings Eternity rings
    Earrings Pendants
    Cufflinks Brooches
    Bracelets Repairs/Resizing
    Remake/Remodeling old jewellery Chains
    Retip worn claws Reset Stone/s
    Polish and Plate Reproductions to scale

    Karenna makes jewelry in sterling silver, brass, gold and platinum and is able to manipulate any metal you desire. She works on every part of creating your ring from first meeting to final design, to manipulating the metals and beads, to cutting, finishing, setting, polishing and deliverance.

    When it comes to wedding jewelry in Boston, nothing is set in stone. If you have an idea of what kind of rings you'd like, or to meet with Karenna to discuss your wedding jewelry options, feel free to contact Karenna or email her at karenna@karennamaraj.com

    Custom Wedding Jewelry Boston, MA - Wedding Rings

    The Wedding - Gold bands of marriage

    Let's face it right after the big proposal the next main moment in your life is your wedding vows and the giving out of rings, means your choice of wedding ring and jeweler is a significant one. Your wedding ring may be a conventional gold wedding band or an original diamond covered gold ring, but it is vital when choosing a wedding ring that it compliments your special engagement ring. Karennas wedding rings are custom made to fit the profile of your engagement ring.

    Engagement Wedding Rings - engagement and wedding ring mixture

    There are a lot of people out there that prefer to have a Boston wedding rings and engagement ring joint into one stocky ring perhaps with an echo look. Boston expert jewelry designer, Karenna Maraj, with her wealth of experience, can help in designing unique wedding jewelry and wedding rings. High-rise Apartments Boston. Most of these rings have come in maybe types of metals believe it or not but mostly diamonds, however any other stone can be set into your wedding band with no problem. Men's wedding rings have changed a lot in taste and design but at the same time the usual yellow gold wedding band is still in style, the existing trend is for diamond wedding rings using platinum, white gold and titanium.

    To book a free consultation email Karenna for an obligation-free jewelry appointment all days a week, evenings included. Karennas boutique in Boston, MA has an unblemished reputation for being the Boston wedding ring specialist for custom design gold and silver wedding ring jewelry and diamond engagement jewelry rings.

    Address: 12 Boylston Place Boston, MA 02116 Phone:(401) 419-3587 | Fax: (401) 419-3588